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Stallion by Wilmat is the leading accounts package designed and developed for the Racing Industry. Two versions of Stallion are available. A "desktop" version which is installed and operated on your computer and a "cloud" version which run on the internet and you access via your web browser. Go to the Stallion pages for further information.

Payroll by Wilmat is an easy to use payroll system that takes the hassle out of managing your employees. The system includes the latest ATO tax tables, the SuperStream superannuation payment processing and Single Touch Payroll. Further information is available by selecting Payroll on my website.

Party Hire by Wilmat is an invoicing and stock control system that I have created for the Party Hire industry. It is a simple and easy to use system that will allow you to manage your client orders and provide effective control over your stock. Visit our Party Hire pages to learn more about this exciting system.

14-Oct-2020 Stallion Desktop Version - Database Backups
Are your database backups up to date? 

Next time you turn off your computer, take a minute to think about how you might proceed if the computer was unable to be restarted.  

You can purchase a new computer and I can reload the Stallion by Wilmat program but what about your database?  Do you have a copy of your database on an external hard disk or a USB stick?

If you don't have a copy of your database then you have lost all your data, including transaction history and owner balances.

It might be a good time to consider transferring to the Stallion Cloud version.  Many clients have already converted to the Cloud version and have found it easy to use and a convenient option given that you can access the system from any computer or IPad.  

If you are interested in the Cloud version contact Wilmat or check the information on the website.  The Cloud version costs $33 per month (direct debit payment) instead of the annual support charge.

13-Oct-2020 Updated Tax Tables for 2020-2021
The Australian Taxation Office have now released updated Tax Tables following the 2020 Budget announcements.  The updated Tax Tables are available on the ATO website at Tax Tables.

The Version 3.41 update to Payroll by Wilmat now includes the updated Tax Tables.  Select Files / Update Payroll from the Payroll menu to download and install the update.

24-Sep-2020 JobKeeper Extension
The Government is extending the JobKeeper Payment by a further six months to March 2021.

A Tier Level system has been introduced to reimburse payroll payments depending upon the average number of hours an employee works.  The JobKeeper rate will be reduced to $1200 per fortnight from 28th September 2020 and to $1000 per fortnight from 4th January 2020.

A number of changes have been made to Payroll by Wilmat to accommodate these changes.  The update program is now available.  To update your program select Files / Update Payroll from the Payroll by Wilmat menu or contact Wilmat to arrange for your program to be updated.

Further information is available on this website by selecting Payroll / JobKeeper Pays from the menu.